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Here’s how we’re ringing in the new year here at the Evans house…

… Abraham jumping by himself in the living room! We just got back from Ohio a few minutes ago and Sammy and Eli fell fast asleep in the car. I have no doubt the rest of us will be in bed and asleep long before midnight. Message to young people: you don’t decide to become lame adults who would rather sleep than party, it just happens. Goodnight everybody, Happy New Years!

Since we have such a sweet picture of the boys in the snow as the header on the blog, we thought we’d try to recreate the moment for a new header last week.  Eli didn’t enjoy having snow dumped on him quite as much this year, though.  No super cute picture, either.  Oh, well…we got a funny one!

Pretty fun the first time

Some serious snow the second time!


We got a good snow last Thursday, and Charlie even got to play outside with us!  There was some freezing rain/ice coming down when we got outside, so Abraham didn’t get to stay in the cold for too long.  He had a great time, though, and was completely amazed at the whiteness that covered everything.  I think it’s so sweet to witness a baby’s wonder at snow.

Daddy throwing snow at the big guys!  (Eli-left, Sammy-right)

Eli loves “Frosty the Snowman”, so he couldn’t wait to build a “frosty”.  It wasn’t good packing snow so he asked, “may I please have a tiny frosty?”–the snowman, not ice cream at Wendy’s.  (Look closely between them to see the super small snowman. Eli-left, Sammy-right)

Eli got a kick out of going down the slide into snow.

So Charlie tried it, too!

Sammy laughing and posing.  (Please ignore the nasty dead vines on the fence.)

On weeks that Charlie preaches, he works just about all of the boys’ waking hours from Thursday through Sunday afternoon.  When he gets home from church Sunday afternoon, they have a lot of love to give him!  That usually looks like lots of wrestling and laughing.  Charlie is wonderful to enjoy these moments.  I stopped making lunch this past week so I could take some pictures of our boys enjoying playtime with Daddy.

Charlie was sitting on the floor talking to them when Eli decided to climb up onto his head.  Very weird and random, if you ask me…but boys are weird!  They all loved it.

Then Sammy wanted a turn…which Eli didn’t like too much.  (I laughed a lot at this point.)

After Sammy’s turn to stand on Charlie’s shoulders, they both got to be snuggled.

Sammy, so sensitive.  Eli, loving life and trying to make us laugh.

ADORABLE!  I can’t believe these are our kids.  (Sammy, left.  Eli, right.)

Abraham Loves the Christmas Tree

Family Picture…aren’t Sammy and Eli hilarious and cute?!

Sammy’s quote of the day: “Bad news…I have my pajamas on and I don’t pretend like I’m somebody else unless I have my day time clothes on!”

Luke Skywalker looking for enemies:

Eli looking sweet with his “smasher”.

Time to get Sammy dressed so he can transform into Luke Skywalker for the day.

This is Charlie, I don’t put posts up here often but I thought this was worth pointing out:

This is a candid shot taken of my dad while he was visiting over the weekend. When I saw the picture, I was suddenly struck with the perfect job for him to do in his retirement – understudy for these guys:

Granddad and Granny came to visit last weekend and brought Christmas gifts.  Can you guess what they were??  They work at Pikeville College, so they brought some super cute sweat suits for the boys.  If you thought they looked alike before, imagine the three of them dressed exactly alike!  🙂  We got some cute pictures of the guys with grandparents:

The boys have some great expressions in these photos.


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