On weeks that Charlie preaches, he works just about all of the boys’ waking hours from Thursday through Sunday afternoon.  When he gets home from church Sunday afternoon, they have a lot of love to give him!  That usually looks like lots of wrestling and laughing.  Charlie is wonderful to enjoy these moments.  I stopped making lunch this past week so I could take some pictures of our boys enjoying playtime with Daddy.

Charlie was sitting on the floor talking to them when Eli decided to climb up onto his head.  Very weird and random, if you ask me…but boys are weird!  They all loved it.

Then Sammy wanted a turn…which Eli didn’t like too much.  (I laughed a lot at this point.)

After Sammy’s turn to stand on Charlie’s shoulders, they both got to be snuggled.

Sammy, so sensitive.  Eli, loving life and trying to make us laugh.

ADORABLE!  I can’t believe these are our kids.  (Sammy, left.  Eli, right.)