We got a good snow last Thursday, and Charlie even got to play outside with us!  There was some freezing rain/ice coming down when we got outside, so Abraham didn’t get to stay in the cold for too long.  He had a great time, though, and was completely amazed at the whiteness that covered everything.  I think it’s so sweet to witness a baby’s wonder at snow.

Daddy throwing snow at the big guys!  (Eli-left, Sammy-right)

Eli loves “Frosty the Snowman”, so he couldn’t wait to build a “frosty”.  It wasn’t good packing snow so he asked, “may I please have a tiny frosty?”–the snowman, not ice cream at Wendy’s.  (Look closely between them to see the super small snowman. Eli-left, Sammy-right)

Eli got a kick out of going down the slide into snow.

So Charlie tried it, too!

Sammy laughing and posing.  (Please ignore the nasty dead vines on the fence.)