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Charlie and Abraham dressed alike one evening as we were heading out to Awanas.  I thought it was so cute that I had to get a picture of them.

It’s such a privilege to have a husband who really enjoys our kids and loves them well.  (And check out those kissable cheeks!!!)

Charlie plays the djembe at church, and lately Abraham’s been very interested in playing it as well.  It’s pretty cute to watch him bang on the drum and then react to the noise.

A little scared by it all, but loving it!

I am sorry for the lack of blogging the last week and a half!  We had some technical difficulties (I needed the password for the blog and forgot to get it from Charlie–for a week!).  All is well, now, and I’ve got some catching up to do!  I feel like we’ve been very busy keeping up with life since getting back from Ohio.  Don’t ask me why, I guess that’s just life with three busy boys.

Abraham is now 7 months old!  Time is flying by quickly and I hope to get up a post about him soon.  He is amazing and we’re so thankful for him!

I saw the boys sitting in the living room like this a few weeks ago and thought it was just about the sweetest thing.  Sammy and Eli are great big brothers to Abey-Baby.


Master Yoda (Elijah) was wounded on the cheek in a Lightsaber duel this evening.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebration with Charlie’s mom (on New Year’s Day).  We had gotten back from Ohio the night before, so it was great to be able to spend time with Charlie’s mom (and have her cook dinner for us!).  Thanks for a great party, Lisa!

Eli, very excited about his present

Nana with the grandkids

Charlie’s picture face, cute Abraham

Like the New Year’s decorations?!

Party hat bonnet?

Abey sitting up in a new Christmas outfit (from Mamaw and Papaw)

My dad’s family has a Christmas party each year that includes a Christmas play.  I started out as an angel when I was little, and it was amazing to me that I now have a child old enough to be an angel in the play!  We had a good time with the play this year.  My aunt Bev has made costumes and directs the whole show!  She does a great job.  Unfortunately, my camera was on some strange setting and pretty much every picture is really grainy or tons of red eyes in it.  (boo)

The Christmas angel (I wore this costume decades ago!)

Not exactly sure what part Eli’s planning to play…he ended up being a Batman-sheep…sort of (he doesn’t like to be the center of attention–unlike his older brother who loved every moment!)

Random picture of Brittany at the party, but doesn’t her straightened hair look awesome?!?  She and Heidi will be fighting over whose baby will be the star next year–she’s due at the end of May and Heidi next month!

Angel Sophie

Group shot.  Lots of crazy eyes, I know.


My sister Jessica and I are 18 months apart, much like Sammy and Eli.  We got along really well growing up (when I wasn’t irritating her), and I’m often reminded of our relationship as I watch my oldest boys interact.  I thought it was pretty funny to see a picture of us posing with a “snow-bot” that she built with the boys a few weeks ago.  It was a lot like the picture of Sammy and Eli with their “tiny frosty” last month.

My Dad’s family does a Nativity play at Christmas.  Heidi played Mary, Sammy an angel, Eli an angel/sheep, Abraham played Jesus, and my dad was the donkey…his role for the past 2 decades or so.  Sophie, Heidi’s little girl, makes a cute angel, too!

Jessica and Abraham Christmas morning

My dad with a Christmas moose sausage (made by David and Charlie)

Brittany and my mom had a blast making Christmas cookies with Sammy and Eli!

We had a great time in Ohio and are settling back into our routines here.  One day we’ll be completely unpacked, too!  Stay tuned for more pictures.

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