My dad’s family has a Christmas party each year that includes a Christmas play.  I started out as an angel when I was little, and it was amazing to me that I now have a child old enough to be an angel in the play!  We had a good time with the play this year.  My aunt Bev has made costumes and directs the whole show!  She does a great job.  Unfortunately, my camera was on some strange setting and pretty much every picture is really grainy or tons of red eyes in it.  (boo)

The Christmas angel (I wore this costume decades ago!)

Not exactly sure what part Eli’s planning to play…he ended up being a Batman-sheep…sort of (he doesn’t like to be the center of attention–unlike his older brother who loved every moment!)

Random picture of Brittany at the party, but doesn’t her straightened hair look awesome?!?  She and Heidi will be fighting over whose baby will be the star next year–she’s due at the end of May and Heidi next month!

Angel Sophie

Group shot.  Lots of crazy eyes, I know.