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You’re probably bored with these bath pictures, but I know of some grandparents (and maybe aunts) who can’t get enough bath babies.  And how could I pass up posting the first photo…check out the crazy Sammy face!

Crazy Sammy, sweet Abey

Eli giving Abraham some decorative bubbles in his hair

Abey’s a wild man in the tub!!  Here he is trying to crawl over Sammy to get to a duck.

This is awesome!

My sister Heidi had a baby Wednesday morning!  Claire was born at 9:22 am and weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz.  She is 21″ long.  And look at those adorable cheeks!!!  Heidi and Baby Claire are both doing well.

My mom flew out to WI Tuesday so she’d be there to watch Sophie when Heidi had her baby (she was due 2/28).  Thankfully she made it!

We’re so excited about the new addition and can’t wait to meet her next month in Ohio!  We love you guys and are so happy for you!

Eli tasting bubbles (for some unexplained reason)

Blowing on Sammy’s hair

Sammy cracking up and Eli moving on to his next victim (me)

…three men in a tub (well, a baby and two big boys).  We got some super cute pictures of Sammy, Eli and Abraham in the bathtub tonight!  I won’t bore you with them all, but be looking for some in the next few days.  ‘Cause they’re CUTE.  Does everyone take as many pictures as Charlie and I do?  We’ve always got so many pics that we can’t keep up with them.  I just uploaded over 200 pictures from the past 4 days.  Most of them from bath time tonight.

Anyway, the boys have a great time together in the tub and there is lots of laughter!  Abraham loves to kick in the water, which is sometimes annoying to everyone (myself included as I end up soaked, too).  But he loves it and his brothers adore him, so they just laugh and endure the water in their faces.  It always warms my heart to see them enjoying one another; I pray in those moments that God will graciously keep them loving one another.

Here’s Charlie’s new favorite (and our wallpaper right now):

Shampoo in the hair!

Where have my babies gone???

A pre-bath picture just because it’s awesome:

My parents came for a visit last weekend and brought Valentine’s surprises!  Some gifts for the boys–which they had to close their eyes/hold out their hands in a way that took me back to my childhood.  (see below) And a wonderful, all day date for Charlie and me on Saturday!!!  It was so nice to go out and enjoy being together, run back home to nurse Abraham, then back out for dinner!  It was amazing….have I mentioned how much I enjoyed our time?  🙂

We made some Valentine’s treats.  Red sugar cookies in this pic.  We also dipped pretzel rods in chocolate and, oh my, was that delicious!

Eli dressed up, of course.  This picture is at the beginning of about a week of non-stop Mr. Incredible.  He gets so excited about being in costume and it puts him in a great mood, though, so how can I refuse?

There were many attempts at a good group photo, but this is the best we got.  Sorry, Mamaw and Papaw.

Mamaw and Sammy snuggling…or singing.  I’m not sure.

Mommy, Grandma, and the kids (I don’t think my mom and I used to have such similarly colored eyes.)

It was so  nice outside that Abraham even played a little baseball!

Papaw and Abraham with their mouths open.  🙂

Thanks for coming, Mamaw and Papaw!  Hope you enjoy the pictures (they forgot their camera).


The title pretty much says it all for these two photos.  Happy Thursday!

Happy Valentine’s day to my favorite guys!

My newest (and smiliest) valentine:

My snuggly-est valentine:

My valentine buddy and first valentine baby (this is from November):

My true love, and best friend for life!

Abraham’s really been enjoying some of his books recently!  He usually just tries to eat the book, but he was actually reading it the other day.  It was really cute.  He was very excited about his new endeavor and flashed his super cute smile for the camera.

Forget reading…that camera looks more exciting.  Let me at it…

Back to reading.  Sammy spotted the camera and wanted to get in on the action.

Dancing in the background!  (we’ve been home sick way too long and are itching for some action.)

Eli’s excitement always leads to getting in Abey’s face.  Sammy still jamming.  Like the grey shirt/grey long underwear combo?

What does Abraham do when he has a fever and can’t sleep?  What any other 7 month old would do…play the djembe and squeal with excitement!  It cracks us up to see how much he loves to play.  It’s literally his favorite thing to do.  Charlie’s hoping for some real talent to emerge.

Super cool Uncle Jason picked out the perfect Christmas gift this year…an airbrush tattoo kit.  A what?  Yes, a tattoo kit!  We tried it out in Ohio right after Christmas, but hadn’t gotten it out again until last night.  Sammy chose that as his “fun activity” with Daddy last night.  Sammy and Eli are quite the tattoo artists, I might add.  It worked pretty well and they got some good pictures out of it.  (We did tattoos and also stencils on paper with the airbrush thing.)

Now you know where to go for all your (temporary) tattoo needs.  We tat children as well as adults.  🙂

Sammy wanted me to put up a picture–he’s very proud!

Tough guy

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