My parents came for a visit last weekend and brought Valentine’s surprises!  Some gifts for the boys–which they had to close their eyes/hold out their hands in a way that took me back to my childhood.  (see below) And a wonderful, all day date for Charlie and me on Saturday!!!  It was so nice to go out and enjoy being together, run back home to nurse Abraham, then back out for dinner!  It was amazing….have I mentioned how much I enjoyed our time?  🙂

We made some Valentine’s treats.  Red sugar cookies in this pic.  We also dipped pretzel rods in chocolate and, oh my, was that delicious!

Eli dressed up, of course.  This picture is at the beginning of about a week of non-stop Mr. Incredible.  He gets so excited about being in costume and it puts him in a great mood, though, so how can I refuse?

There were many attempts at a good group photo, but this is the best we got.  Sorry, Mamaw and Papaw.

Mamaw and Sammy snuggling…or singing.  I’m not sure.

Mommy, Grandma, and the kids (I don’t think my mom and I used to have such similarly colored eyes.)

It was so  nice outside that Abraham even played a little baseball!

Papaw and Abraham with their mouths open.  🙂

Thanks for coming, Mamaw and Papaw!  Hope you enjoy the pictures (they forgot their camera).