Aunt Carol and Uncle Harold sent a package that we received today!  Sammy has been inspecting all the super hero goodies since we opened the box.  He’s poured over the coloring books, stickers, magnets, band-aids, and even cold packs.  Here’s our recent conversation:

Sammy:  Momma, I think I have a bruise on my knee.  Does that look like a bruise?

Me:  Oh, yes.  Should you put the Spider-Man cold pack on it?

Sammy:  Yes, I think so.  (see pictures)

“I need to hold it on while I count to ten.”

Sammy tried to convince me he needed a Band-Aid after icing his knee, but I wouldn’t buy it.

Abraham got an adorable summer outfit which I, of course, put on him immediately.  It’s weird, but I love seeing my kids in new seasonal clothes.  I feel like they look so different and cute!  Abey wanted to show off his skills so here he is standing at the couch:

He has one tooth so far, and I was able to crop one picture enough for you to (hopefully) see it!  Look closely.

Then he went down.

Hey, is this Kermit on my overalls???

The best part is that Carol sent on Kermit outfit in 12 months, and one that’s 2T.  Cousin Wyatt will be wearing 12 months next summer (Brittany’s due at the end of May) and Abey will be 2T so I can’t wait for a cousin picture next year!!!  Thank you, Carol and Harold!