*Warning:  prepare yourself for a post that is jam packed with pictures.

Sammy, Eli, Abraham and I went to the parade this past Saturday with Nana.  Unfortunately, Charlie had a funeral to perform and he had to miss out on the fun.  We were sad, but somehow managed to still enjoy the day!  We met our friends, the Kellams, downtown and the kids (Sammy especially) had fun sitting together to watch the parade.  We arrived early and Abraham made a new friend:

Well, I’m not positive Abey realized that Ronald McDonald is friendly but Sammy was happy enough.  Eli referred to him as “the clown”.

Sammy spotted these Sheriffs and wondered who was in charge.  I suggested he go ask them, to which he quickly replied, “okay!”.  He returned pretty excited about the fact that they each had a gun and a knife strapped to their legs.

Nana and the big boys having fun (note Teddy has come out…Eli’s feeling a little tired and intimidated by all the strangers).

Sammy, Elliot and Liesl watching the parade and, more importantly, ready to catch some candy.  (Aren’t Liesl’s braids adorable??)

If you can’t read the back of the car, it says This vehicle donated by a local drug dealer.  Thought that was pretty interesting.  I guess they confiscate cars from dealers and then show them off in parades.

Lisa, me and the kids…missing Charlie, of course.

We saw a lot of bagpipe players in kilts.  Very fun, but always makes me miss Grandpa Bob.

Eli crashed hard.

The kids after the parade. The people in the background are the most interesting, I think.  Eli asleep with a blanket as a sun cover.  Brenda holding Abraham.  Andrew with two hats on (his and Elliot’s).

Thanks for hanging in there for all these pictures!  We don’t often have fun plans on a Saturday so this was really fun!