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Abraham isn’t a huge fan of wearing a hat.  He has a bit of trouble actually pulling a hat off of his head, but he doesn’t give up.  See?

So cute…about a minute into the hat-wearing

…wait a minute!  That thing’s on my head again.  I’ve got to get it off!

Momma, how can you just stand there and not help me???

Success!!!!!!!  Off to play and feel the wind in my hair.

We had a church picnic yesterday afternoon, and it was a gorgeous day!  The weather was beautiful and we had a relaxed time of hanging out with everyone.  Sammy and Eli loved playing on the playground and chasing soccer balls with some good friends.  Abraham busied himself with trying to eat dirt/sticks/rocks whenever whenever we turned our backs.  (pretty gross)

Abraham and Shyrah played together, of course.  Shyrah is pretty far ahead of Abey-baby in terms of standing up and even walking a few steps on her own!

Aren’t they adorable??

Shyrah’s mom, Juliana coaxing her to walk

Just enjoying an April afternoon in the park

Eli kicking the soccer ball.

I like his eyes!

Sammy, Eli and John playing soccer.  I like that Eli’s in the lead.

I forgot to get pictures of Sammy and Eli actually looking at the camera so here’s their Easter pic…sweaty and worn out!

Here’s some nonsense I made while I was supposed to be doing school work:

Gretchen is in Ohio right now with the boys for a baby shower for her youngest sister, Brittany. She just sent me a text message containing this wonderful picture:


Looks like pretty serious business at Mamaw and Papaw’s house…

We had a friend over a few weeks ago who is two days older than Abraham.  It’s so cute to see them interact and squeal at each other!  Shyrah is super cute and we’re all in love with her.  🙂  I got some good pictures of them interacting while she was here.

Here I am holding both babies.  Abraham just got up from a nap and you can tell he’s pretty excited about his friend being with him!

I was just trying to get a pic of the kids, but instead caught a nose being picked.

Watch Abraham in the next three pictures.  Shyrah’s grabbing his shirt…

“What’s going on here?”

Shyrah’s moves on to check out the thing that flashed light at her while Abey still tries to figure out why she just pulled on his shirt.

“Mommy, thank you so much for having Shyrah over to play!!!”

Still really excited!!!

Abraham yells/talks a  lot when he’s excited…not sure where that came from.  🙂  Sammy is putting R2-D2 on Shyrah’s head for the picture.  Poor girl.  She’s just trying to play the piano.

We had a great day and Shyrah did very well with all the attention.  Everyone in our house kind of goes crazy over little girls.  Maybe one day we’ll have our own.  🙂

It’s Friday afternoon, and I’ve been intending to write a post all week and haven’t done it.  These boys keep me busy, though, and I’m behind on life.  Random pictures are better than nothing, right?  Here they are!

Abey’s got “Granddad pants”!!!

Mr. Incredible’s hitting the gym.

Strange picture, but Sammy really wanted me to take it.  He was excited with how well it turned out.

A few weeks ago, the big boys each had a date with Daddy.  When Sammy was out with Daddy, Eli and Mommy had some special time at home together (while Abraham slept).  It was really fun playing with him, seeing what he wanted to do when he was in charge, and laughing together.  First, we played Imaginext for a while.  Then we went outside to take a few pictures of him by the cherry tree and watch the bees buzzing all around the flowers.  We played on the porch and then went back inside for more Imaginext.  I’m thankful we have opportunities to spend time alone with each of our boys!


Smelling the flowers

I meant to say, “stick out your tongue” but instead said, “stick out your nose”.

Love that smile

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