We had a friend over a few weeks ago who is two days older than Abraham.  It’s so cute to see them interact and squeal at each other!  Shyrah is super cute and we’re all in love with her.  🙂  I got some good pictures of them interacting while she was here.

Here I am holding both babies.  Abraham just got up from a nap and you can tell he’s pretty excited about his friend being with him!

I was just trying to get a pic of the kids, but instead caught a nose being picked.

Watch Abraham in the next three pictures.  Shyrah’s grabbing his shirt…

“What’s going on here?”

Shyrah’s moves on to check out the thing that flashed light at her while Abey still tries to figure out why she just pulled on his shirt.

“Mommy, thank you so much for having Shyrah over to play!!!”

Still really excited!!!

Abraham yells/talks a  lot when he’s excited…not sure where that came from.  🙂  Sammy is putting R2-D2 on Shyrah’s head for the picture.  Poor girl.  She’s just trying to play the piano.

We had a great day and Shyrah did very well with all the attention.  Everyone in our house kind of goes crazy over little girls.  Maybe one day we’ll have our own.  🙂