We had a church picnic yesterday afternoon, and it was a gorgeous day!  The weather was beautiful and we had a relaxed time of hanging out with everyone.  Sammy and Eli loved playing on the playground and chasing soccer balls with some good friends.  Abraham busied himself with trying to eat dirt/sticks/rocks whenever whenever we turned our backs.  (pretty gross)

Abraham and Shyrah played together, of course.  Shyrah is pretty far ahead of Abey-baby in terms of standing up and even walking a few steps on her own!

Aren’t they adorable??

Shyrah’s mom, Juliana coaxing her to walk

Just enjoying an April afternoon in the park

Eli kicking the soccer ball.

I like his eyes!

Sammy, Eli and John playing soccer.  I like that Eli’s in the lead.

I forgot to get pictures of Sammy and Eli actually looking at the camera so here’s their Easter pic…sweaty and worn out!