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Williamsburg was fun, but we didn’t take a lot of pictures while we were there.  So these aren’t too exciting, but I think you can tell we were having a good time!  (These were all taken at the end of our day so all the kids look pretty tired.)

The gang (minus the photographer)


The colonials heading home at the end of the day (on the left: Sammy, Eli and my dad are waving to them)


Posing for a picture…apparently Eli wasn’t too impressed

Mom and me (wish I had a super real smile like Mom’s…that’d be a great picture!)

Cruisin’ along

Charlie taking in the town 

He’s growing up so fast.

We recently returned from vacation in Williamsburg with my parents.  It was such a fun week that we ran out of memory on the camera partway through the week!  We did Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and the beach at Yorktown.  I’ll put up some of the highlights as a I find time in the next week or so, but, until then, here’s a group picture:

I’m not sure what Eli’s doing here, but it looks like he’s subduing our mantle.

It put up a fight at first, but then…

He conquered.  Isn’t he cute (and hilarious)??

Eli makes us all laugh very hard and we love him dearly!

Abraham’s two favorite past times are climbing the stairs and flushing the downstairs toilet.  Needless to say, both are a bit unhealthy for him, especially since he’s already fallen down the stairs once!  Our stairs don’t lend themselves well to baby gates, so we have had to be more creative in our road blocks.  We often put the toy bench in the hallway opening of the living room, which works well but Abraham’s always trying to find a way around it.  Here’s how I found him one day:

So proud of himself!  And Sammy thought it was hilarious.

He looks so little from far away!

He’s looking more and more like a toddler every day.  …where has the time gone?

We celebrated Mother’s Day with Charlie’s mom with a cookout Sunday night.  It was a great night to grill out and enjoy our crazy kids.

An attempt at a group shot:

Look at that sweetness! (They’re looking at me jumping around to get them to smile.)

So much fun that Abraham fell asleep in the high chair.

Charlie, his mom and the kids in front of my amazing birthday cake (my birthday was Saturday):

Can you tell they’re excited about strawberry shortcake???

I’m glad they’re such good friends that they even share their chair sometimes.

Happy Mother’s Day to our moms!  We’re thankful Charlie’s mom is here and we could celebrate with her!

May’s been a super slow month here on the Evanses’ blog…life’s just gotten away from me, I guess.  We’ve still taken some fun pictures; here’s some that are a few weeks old but funny!

The boys all love spaghetti, which makes for a happy dinner and good pictures!  They had so much fun this night that they asked me  to take pictures of them eating/slurping their noodles.  (Note how grown up the big boys look!)

Here’s Sammy:

Abey very excited as he has his food:

See the teeth?  He has one more now (still none on top).

Eli playin’ it cool:

We had a rainy day a few weeks ago, and in an effort to get out of the house we decided to play on the porch.  Abraham is crawling everywhere these days, so we needed a way to contain him outside.  Our solution: the pack-n-play.  It actually worked really well and was a big hit among all the boys.  See what I mean?

All three boys crammed in together and had a blast!  We did have to remind Eli not to tackle Abey Baby a few times and then remind Sammy that while it’s okay to yell outside, no one wants to hear his screeching nonstop, but that’s not a bad trade for 1/2 an hour of entertainment.

Calm in the midst of chaos.

Charlie and I had fun hanging out on our double rocking chair while they played.

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