Gretchen recently had some good pictures taken of herself with the boys to give me for Father’s Day. There are some really great ones that I’m sure you’ll see here soon, but there were also a lot not-so-great ones. Here is one of them:

There are all kinds of wonderful things about this picture, but I think two deserve special notice.


First, Sammy’s excellent monkey face:

I don’t want to brag on my own kids too much, but he’s really pulling it off isn’t he? If he didn’t have on a polo shirt I would have thought a bored/grumpy albino chimpanzee had stumbled into the picture.


Second, Eli is wearing two left shoes:

That’s right, both the shoes have velcro strips going the same way! He and Sammy both have a pair of the exact same shoes, the only difference is the size. So, on family picture day when Mommy was trying to get everyone out the door, Eli evidently put his left shoe on his left foot, then put Sammy’s slightly larger left shoe on his right foot! Gretchen didn’t even notice until much later that day.

This was the greatest Father’s Day gift I could have asked for.