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I started getting some of our pictures from Ohio together, but then took too much time choosing them and have to just throw some up quickly.  We have a playdate due to arrive….any minute.  🙂

SUPER hot, but still playing outside!

Aunt Gretchen and Sophie wearing dinosaur hats. (I love being an aunt!)

Aunt Jessica loves being an aunt, too!  🙂

Mamaw with most of the kids.  Craziness!

Abraham loves to climb into our wicker chair lean back, and smile proudly.  He’s at a fun age!

He’s become quite a “hand talker” like his Daddy…and big brother Sammy.  🙂

So proud!

Blowing kisses

Isn’t he hilarious!?  He loved wearing this mask one night.

Watch out, evil villains! 

Check out Charlie cracking up in the background.

Don’t you love those curls???






We’ve had lots of super heros around here lately; I feel very protected!  Optimus, Mr. Incredible, Spider-Man, and Superman have shown up and saved the day…or attacked us.  It’s always exciting living with boys!

Super cool with blaster guns

I know you’re thinking, “where can I get one of those Spider-man goggle/flipper sets???”.

Psyching themselves up to battle the enemy (Daddy)


Superman was attacked with tickles.  Super cute!

Stay tuned for Bat Baby!!!

We’re in Ohio visiting my family right now, so I thought I’d share my favorite picture of my dad in his honor.  I think it captures his personality well…

He’s a goofball and always making us laugh!

As Abraham gets long and lean, shorts that once fit are starting to fall off him.  Or maybe he’s just trying to be cool.  Whatever it is, he’s pretty cute!

All my kids like to help with sweeping, but they’re enthusiasm lasts…oh, about 1 minute.  Abraham, however, has gotten attached to the broom and dust pan this past week, and he loves to “sweep”.  I let him do it for a few minutes because he’s super cute, but then I take the dirty broom and dust pan from him.  He then throws a fit.  I hate that the one who actually wants to give serious attention to sweeping is too little to actually do it!  I’m just hoping he’ll keep on loving the broom when he’s a bit older.  🙂

Trying to maneuver the hallway with the huge broom.


So proud of himself!  The shirt is from his cousin Wyatt, not me.  🙂

On to sweep the hallway.  

I just wanted to add a few more pictures the birthday party. There were some real gems that for some reason she didn’t feel were worth posting. I guess we have different ideas of what is a “blogworthy” picture…

Lisa, Charlie’s mom, came over last night to celebrate his birthday with us.  She brought fried chicken, which Sammy declared to be his new favorite food as he ate every bit of meat or skin off a chicken leg.  The cake was yummy and Charlie didn’t miss a store-bought ice cream cake at all!  🙂  The birthday card that she brought really livened things up for the rest of the night!  It was a Star Wars card, so Eli immediately got dressed up as Darth Vader and the excitement about it all led to a gigantic wrestling match between the 3 big guys.  (those pictures deserve their own post.  hopefully I’ll actually do one.)

Handsome Eli waiting for cake.  Silly Charlie ruining a good picture…or making it better?

The five of us!

Patiently waiting to be served cake

The guys after the goofy-ness kicked in.  Maybe too much chocolate??

This one cracks me up!

I love the stiff legged baby walk.

Happy birthday, Charlie!  We love you and are very glad you were born!!  🙂

Tomorrow’s Charlie’s birthday (my mom’s too!) so we’ve been busy making a cake.  An ice cream cake, to be exact.  It’s his favorite, but I’ve never tried to make one.  It’s been fun but messy and a bit tricky.  🙂  Sammy and Eli wanted to help all along the way but the ice cream was melting fast so they had to wait till the end to do much more than witness the event.  It turns out, they’re awesome at cleaning when it includes licking icing (cool whip and chocolate pudding mixed together)!

Lots of funny-ness about the whole ordeal!  (The chocolate in Sammy’s teeth is a cavity in the making, I’m sure!)

Eli’s mess

Sammy, looking awfully grown up

The finished product.  I call it “Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Cake”.  🙂

This beauty is made of chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, fudge, and crushed oreos.  We’ll definitely have to be having some people over this weekend to help us eat leftovers.  So I don’t eat it all.  I’ll be taking requests to join us.

**Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll make you something equally yummy when we see everyone in Ohio in a week and a half!!!

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