Tomorrow’s Charlie’s birthday (my mom’s too!) so we’ve been busy making a cake.  An ice cream cake, to be exact.  It’s his favorite, but I’ve never tried to make one.  It’s been fun but messy and a bit tricky.  🙂  Sammy and Eli wanted to help all along the way but the ice cream was melting fast so they had to wait till the end to do much more than witness the event.  It turns out, they’re awesome at cleaning when it includes licking icing (cool whip and chocolate pudding mixed together)!

Lots of funny-ness about the whole ordeal!  (The chocolate in Sammy’s teeth is a cavity in the making, I’m sure!)

Eli’s mess

Sammy, looking awfully grown up

The finished product.  I call it “Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Cake”.  🙂

This beauty is made of chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, fudge, and crushed oreos.  We’ll definitely have to be having some people over this weekend to help us eat leftovers.  So I don’t eat it all.  I’ll be taking requests to join us.

**Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll make you something equally yummy when we see everyone in Ohio in a week and a half!!!