Lisa, Charlie’s mom, came over last night to celebrate his birthday with us.  She brought fried chicken, which Sammy declared to be his new favorite food as he ate every bit of meat or skin off a chicken leg.  The cake was yummy and Charlie didn’t miss a store-bought ice cream cake at all!  🙂  The birthday card that she brought really livened things up for the rest of the night!  It was a Star Wars card, so Eli immediately got dressed up as Darth Vader and the excitement about it all led to a gigantic wrestling match between the 3 big guys.  (those pictures deserve their own post.  hopefully I’ll actually do one.)

Handsome Eli waiting for cake.  Silly Charlie ruining a good picture…or making it better?

The five of us!

Patiently waiting to be served cake

The guys after the goofy-ness kicked in.  Maybe too much chocolate??

This one cracks me up!

I love the stiff legged baby walk.

Happy birthday, Charlie!  We love you and are very glad you were born!!  🙂