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Abraham picked up a pirate hat and put it on this morning, which brought back memories of another pirate…almost exactly a year ago.  I looked through our archives and found Abey the Pirate on September 18, 2010 and compared it to Abraham the Pirate on August 28, 2011.  They’re both super cute, if you ask me.  🙂

We’re so thankful for Abraham’s smiles and laughter this past year!

Oh-so-cute, chubby Abey-Baby

All smiles (and way too grown up)


We celebrated Sammy’s birthday with just a few people:

Goofy Uncle Greg (and Sammy, of course)

Nana with a cute baby

Daddy, always making a great face for the camera

Katie, a good friend from church

Abraham, in disguise

And Eli, on the offensive

Today is Granddad’s birthday, and I know he really loves new photos on the blog!  So, here’s some pictures of Sammy’s birthday party in honor of your big day, Granddad!  🙂  We love you and wish we were in KY to give you a great-big-birthday-energy-hug!!!

It takes a lot of energy being the star of the party!

Can you tell Eli enjoyed his dirt cake?

Abraham trying his hand at shooting a laser gun.  Looks like he’ll shoot himself.

Sammy turned FIVE last week!!!  Sammy chose dirt cake, with mint Oreo’s, sour gummy worms, and gummy bears.  (sounds kind of gross, huh?)  Sammy and Eli each had their own “cake” to decorate (it’s really pudding with Oreo’s on top) and they had a great time making them!  I’ll have to see if I can get Charlie to help put up a video of each of them explaining their creations, but, for now, I have some pictures to share.  🙂

Almost five!

Funny faces

Sammy’s super excited about his birthday!

Two big guys!

I think I have pictures from his actual party, but they’re still on the camera.  Happy birthday, Samuel Patrick!!!

Abraham’s been pretty funny lately; he’s getting interested in accessories.  (I’m sure you’d use a different word than “accessories” for a boy, but I don’t know what that word would be.)  He has a hat that he puts on inside out and then he struts around.  There are some sunglasses that he wants to wear occasionally, and when he is tired of them, he wears them around his neck.  And then this morning he wore hard soled shoes for the first time.  He was pretty adorable trying to walk with those heavy things on his fat feet!

Of course, pictures are the cutest way to remember our little guy’s preferences at this age, so I’ve got some to share!

The hat

The sunglasses

The around-the-neck look

The tennis shoes

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