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“Mommy, look!  It’s Santa!!” -Eli


Turns out, it was just Abraham with cottage cheese all over his face.  But a creative observation from Eli, I thought.  🙂

“No, he looks like a sheep!”  -Eli

Whatever he looks like, he’s hilarious, if you ask me.  The mess wasn’t too bad, and it’s all part of the process of becoming more self-sufficient!

“He’s a baby with a mustache!”  -Sammy



He had a great time, too.

How do you discipline such a cute, hilarious guy?  We’re still working on that one.  🙂  He’s into everything.  In fact, I’m typing this at a desk that has a yard stick fitted through the handles of the drawers so that this cutie can’t open them and make a mess.  On a computer that has heightened security because someone has gotten onto it and changed the names of some files.  Whatever works, right?  We’ve got our work cut out for us as he heads into toddler-hood.



Here are a few pictures of the boys when Sammy went to his first full day of preschool last Tuesday.  (The boys have been very affectionate and happy to hug for photos since he went to school.  I’m milking it for all it’s worth.)

This is an old video (April of 2010), but we’ve never posted it and it’s become my all time favorite.

In yesterday’s post, I forgot to mention Abraham’s food adventure involving a banana!  We were eating dinner recently when Abraham was excused before the rest of us were finished eating.  He went off to entertain himself.  The next thing I know, he is eating a banana that he nabbed off of the counter…through the peel!  He is so weird!  🙂  He had a blast, and really enjoyed himself!

Thinks he’s pretty funny!

I think he looks a LOT like Sammy in this photo. 


Digging in some more…



I made chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago, and they were yummy.  So yummy, in fact, that Abraham needed to have one.  And since he doesn’t have the vocabulary to ask for a cookie (I guess), he decided to just go get it on his own.

I came into the kitchen, and saw this:

What are you looking at, Momma?  Nothing going on here…

This is SO GOOD!

 Shoving it in


How could you be mad at such a cute boy??

Trying to get another cookie

It turns out, this is only the beginning of Abraham getting into food on his own!  We’ve caught him with a loaf of zucchini bread, on the table trying to reach food, and in a bag of dried beans (he bit into the bag to open it and had two beans in his mouth when I caught him).  It’s crazy around here.  We’ve never had a toddler quite like this!

***I just had a thought, maybe this is all because of that ice cream cone we let him eat at Nana’s…

Well, I just saw Charlie’s recent post with a picture of Sammy, but I’ll go ahead and post another.  He was too busy talking to really stand still for a pic so I’ll try again on Tuesday.
Yesterday was orientation, and it went well!  Sammy wasn’t afraid and is eagerly anticipating some of the activities:  science experiments, jobs (chores), and using scissors often.  There will be 9 students in his class so I think he’ll also enjoy geting to know them.  (His favorite pastimes, after all, are thinking and making new friends.)

We’re so proud of our five year old!

Sammy’s first day of school:


Abraham’s first attempt at using a spoon:


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