I made chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago, and they were yummy.  So yummy, in fact, that Abraham needed to have one.  And since he doesn’t have the vocabulary to ask for a cookie (I guess), he decided to just go get it on his own.

I came into the kitchen, and saw this:

What are you looking at, Momma?  Nothing going on here…

This is SO GOOD!

 Shoving it in


How could you be mad at such a cute boy??

Trying to get another cookie

It turns out, this is only the beginning of Abraham getting into food on his own!  We’ve caught him with a loaf of zucchini bread, on the table trying to reach food, and in a bag of dried beans (he bit into the bag to open it and had two beans in his mouth when I caught him).  It’s crazy around here.  We’ve never had a toddler quite like this!

***I just had a thought, maybe this is all because of that ice cream cone we let him eat at Nana’s…