“Mommy, look!  It’s Santa!!” -Eli


Turns out, it was just Abraham with cottage cheese all over his face.  But a creative observation from Eli, I thought.  🙂

“No, he looks like a sheep!”  -Eli

Whatever he looks like, he’s hilarious, if you ask me.  The mess wasn’t too bad, and it’s all part of the process of becoming more self-sufficient!

“He’s a baby with a mustache!”  -Sammy



He had a great time, too.

How do you discipline such a cute, hilarious guy?  We’re still working on that one.  🙂  He’s into everything.  In fact, I’m typing this at a desk that has a yard stick fitted through the handles of the drawers so that this cutie can’t open them and make a mess.  On a computer that has heightened security because someone has gotten onto it and changed the names of some files.  Whatever works, right?  We’ve got our work cut out for us as he heads into toddler-hood.