Sunday late afternoon we headed out for an overnight camping trip with the boys–our first as a family of five.  We camped out in Nana’s yard once before Abey, so we were pretty inexperienced as far as family camping goes.  It was a lot of fun, but a lot more labor intensive and stressful to be a parent on the trip than it was when I was a kid!  🙂  The boys really loved the great outdoors (it was gorgeous and we had a great spot!), but Abraham was a bit high maintenance…wanting to be in the fire, not wanting to fall asleep at night without his crib.  Sammy and Eli are at great ages for camping!  They had fun, would hang out around the fire and weren’t really a danger to themselves.

We made a campfire, had hot dogs, s’mores, made another fire in the morning, gathered lots of firewood, s’more s’mores for breakfast, went on a hike, and enjoyed the scenery.  Eli wants to add that they pretended to be panda bears when they played in the tent Sunday evening.  I have a lot of great pictures I want to post…for the grandparents…so we’ll start with some around the fire.

Captures the kids well…Sammy talking, or singing…Eli working on something…Abraham doing something that could easily end in an injury.

S’mores, only Eli cooked the marshmallow for about 3 seconds, then ate it right off the stick!

Sammy knows how to eat a s’more!  (Eli blowing a super blow on the fire to make it bigger)

Marshmallow right off the stick.  Great breakfast.

Boys watching Charlie pour water on the fire as we were leaving.

…and Abraham wanted to breathe in the smoke

I’m so glad we decided at the last minute to go on a camping trip before fall passes!  It was a really fun time out in nature and with our boys!