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Two of my sisters worked together to wrap a gift for Eli.  Brittany and Jessica went all out on decorating it just for Eli!  The boys (all 3 of them) loved it!

The Fantastic Four wrapping, and our three superheroes 

Close-up on Eli

Captain America came to visit at Eli’s birthday party!


Eli’s golden birthday was last month…he turned 4 on November 4!!  He had a big party this year with Nana, Mamaw and Papaw, Uncle Greg and our family.  (For our little introvert, this was about as big as he likes.)  We put up streamers, balloons, made a Robin cake (Batman and Robin), he put a dinosaur toy on top of the cake…he was so excited about it all!

Sometimes Eli gets lost in the bustle of life or larger personalities in our family, so it was really nice to be focused on him and to see him enjoying the limelight.  He is a very sweet boy with a tender heart.  We love Eli very much and thank God for him!

Uncle Greg on high alert with Abraham.  Me panicking.

Eli, very excited about his cake (his dinosaur’s name is Cutie)Blowing out the candlesSammy and Abraham’s card that they made for Eli: Opening an especially fun present: 

Happy birthday, Eli!  Your best friends love you!

We’re doing Christmas Cards this year!!!  (I know, pick yourself up off the ground…)  We took some pictures the other day and ordered photo cards, which should arrive next week!  I’m really hoping they turn out well.

Anyway, we took some cute pictures of the boys while we were getting things set up for our family photo.  They are a bit blurry 😦 but you can really see Abraham’s curls and everyone’s blue eyes stand out so I couldn’t keep from sharing them.

I’ve been totally silent lately on the blog…Abraham’s very busy these days, often wanting to be held or have all of my attention (or I’m chasing after him!).  Hopefully I’ll play catch up soon.  We went to Ohio for Thanksgiving so I’ve got a few pics from that to share (it was so fun that I forgot to take many pictures, but let me tell you, my nephew and nieces are CUTE!) and some pics from last month.  But until then, here’s a few to throw out there for the grandparents.  🙂

The boys were feeling particularly snuggly on a cold morning last week.  They all got blankets and laughed a lot as they cuddled together.  Super cute!

Giving Abey a kiss

Abraham giving Eli a kiss

Me and my guys (Sammy looking extra excited!)

The Three Musketeers

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