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After a long night with a stomach bug, accidents, and a light sleeper, it does my heart good to peek in their room and see the boys playing together.  It really is wonderful how they enjoy one another’s company and can even follow each other’s imaginative play.

They like to set up their toys around them like this:

Two peas in a pod 

Abraham keeping up with the big guys 

When he gets bored, he just goes over to his bed and reads…Winnie the Pooh to Pooh Bear 

Sammy and Eli, growing up too fast 

Happy Saturday to you!  May the rest of the weekend be full of play and sickness-free!

Warning: more snow pictures.  You may get tired of them because I’ve still got more for another post.  But the boys are so excited in them and I want to remember how cute and little they were playing in the surprise snow of 2012.

Super kissable cheeks

I want him to stay little forever.

Sammy’s not a fan of cold things like ice cream or really cold drinks.  So imagine my surprise when he’s been eating snow like there’s no tomorrow!  It felt like that’s what he was doing every time I turned around when we were out playing.  I asked him why ice cream is too cold but he likes snow so much and his response was, “it’s not my favorite thing…needs sugar”.  The pictures tell the truth, though, and I’d say he likes snow quite a lot!

Here are the best of Sammy eating snowballs (notice his expressions in the picture, cracked me up how focused he was!):

Not too interested in the picture with Mom

Playing in the evening snow…and snacking a bit 

Snow for breakfast 

Licking it off his face 

Just a little more before we go inside 


It was a strange weekend…60 degrees on Saturday followed by about 12 hours of snow Sunday.  It started just before the boys and I headed out to walk to church, so it was a fun walk down the alley.  (Our church meets in a building at the other end of our block.) Sammy and Eli were really excited about it all and had their tongues out trying to catch snowflakes for most of the walk.  Then it all got to be too much for them (snow was coming down pretty heavy at this point and hitting us in the face) so they finished the walk walking backwards holding my hand.  We had church and it continued snowing pretty hard.  The boys and I played outside for a few minutes while we were waiting for Charlie to get home from church and they loved it!  Then we went to small group after church and stayed till about 5:00.  Still snowing hard, and it was really sticking to the streets at this point.  When we got home, Charlie and the boys played outside (I was out for  a bit to document video and photos, but I was wimpy about the cold).
It was a beautiful snow.

Then more playing in the snow at 8 a.m. today!!!  It’s melting very quickly since the high is in the 40’s today, but it was fun while it lasted!  Here are some photos rom today:

Ready for snow!  

Charlie made a swing out with a baseball bat

Fun, but not too sturdy

Eli loved it

Sammy swung on the rope by itself, but the picture I took of him was just his back.  Moving on to Abraham’s turn on the swing.

Sammy’s snow angel

Cute picture of rosy cheeks and Sammy busy doing…something.

Sammy went down the slide.  Then rested for a minute  at the bottom.

Me and Eli

Don’t be fooled, I spent most of the time inside the warm, quiet house making these:

Abraham going from happy to furious during dinner.











may have put mousse in Abraham’s hair after his bath this morning.  It’s amazing (the mousse and his hair).

Wait till Daddy sees me!!I’m jealous.  He also kind of looks like a clown with his hairline.They’ve held up pretty well for the last few hours, too. 

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to convince Charlie to mousse Abey’s hair, but I think I’ll use it again soon…

I hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day message from the boys in our last blog post.  It actually took about 50 pictures to come up with one that was halfway decent.  Working with a 1 1/2, 4 and 5 year old isn’t for the faint of heart!  We’ve not yet cracked the code on picture taking with our kids, so any advice would be appreciated.  🙂

That being said, I thought I’d share some of our less-than-perfect pictures with you.  Just for laughs.  And because I think my kids are cute.  🙂

Our first round of pictures was in the living room.  Abraham didn’t want to turn his sign around for the camera.

Then he wanted to look at the picture on the camera.  Digital cameras have their downfall.  🙂“When will this be over???” -AbrahamSilly facesI’m not sure what Eli’s going for here…Popeye, maybe?Sammy…howling at the moon???Fake smile, Eli.  Look at how cute Abraham is, telling me about something.  (probably a squirrel)Hilarious Sammy smile!  Abraham’s officially done.


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