It was so fun to walk home from church a few weeks ago and have snow to play in!!!  The boys were all really excited about it (the first snow) and had fun making snowballs, on touching snow, and watching the big flakes coming down.  It was a great winter moment.  🙂

Eli “feeling happy about the snow”

Sammy “feeling happy about the snow.  I was thinking about my usuals: Bible, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman, guys.” 

Abraham in awe 

A snowball

…and launching it at the fence! 


Everybody checking things out

Sammy’s taste testing the snow  

Abraham so excited!  (too cute to leave out ’cause it’s blurry) 

I think it’s safe to say that’s the end of our snow pictures for the season!  It’s been in the 60’s (maybe even 70’s) for a little while now so I think winter’s gone and spring’s here.  Makes me a little sad, but it’s also been great playing outside without jackets and running in the predawn without feeling like an ice cube.  Good-bye, winter!