A friend from church recently sent us some pictures from late Fall 2010, or about a year and 5 months ago.  You won’t believe how much the boys have changed since then!  They’re ADORABLE!  They’re so little!  I love it.  Thank you, Tsion, for sharing your pics!

Our Cuddle Monster.  He wore this shirt nonstop that summer!

Hugs on the trampoline (Current wallpaper on our desktop.  I recommend it.) 

We walked out to a cabin on their property and Sammy was a character, as usual. 

Mehret and Abraham…look at those arms!!  (Abey’s, not Mehret’s.) 

Abey-Baby fell fast asleep. He’s so little, but also so big!

Sammy and Eli on the hammock. Sweetness. 

I think I may need a tissue with all this little-ness…  Where has the time gone?