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I asked the boys to put five chairs in a circle in our living room for family worship tonight. I came to check on them ten minutes later and found this:


Papaw decided it’d be fun to get a cousin picture after dinner on our final night with my parents.  It was a great idea and I’d love to have a cute pics of the boy cousins.  But things didn’t go quite as he had hoped.

Whose kids are messing up the picture?? 

Eli trying to be “helpful” by removing Abraham’s paci.  Abey went after it.

Papaw working hard on the picture.  Wyatt’s not pooping, but it sure looks like it!

Abraham and Pap resting and reading after the photo shoot 

Then they gave Mamaw some love 

Sammy cheesing with Why-why (Abraham’s nickname for him) 

Cute baby teeth!!! 

I took a picture of Abraham and Sammy cuddling yesterday morning and, as I was looking at it, realized that it’s time.  Time for Abey’s hair to be cut.  Of course, it’ll be a week or so before I actually get around to doing it.  Here are a few pics of the awful bed head.  🙂

Looking a little too feathery for me

The back 

So cute, but I’m ready for him to look more like a big boy. 

As we were driving to Ohio last week, we found out my grandma was going to need a partial hip replacement the next day.  I was glad that we were able to see Grandma in the hospital and hopefully cheer her up some, but it was also a disappointment because it meant Mamaw would be helping her mom most of our visit.  We missed you TONS, Mamaw!  Thankfully, my youngest sister is a stay-at-home mom like me, so she and Super Why (Eli’s nickname for Wyatt) hung out with us like champs!

We had a park marathon on Friday which included a lunch at one park, playing, and then reading books in the shade to rest before heading over to another park to meet Aunt Darlene and Cousin Amy!  (And that followed by ice cream at Friendly’s!  Awesome day.)  Unfortunately, I forgot to check my camera battery so we didn’t get a whole lot of shots, but we were able to keep the camera going for part of the time.

Super cute baby and momma!!!

My strange kids 

Here comes Sammy!!! 

Maybe not as fun as Brittany had hoped .  Ah, this makes me laugh out loud.

Sliding.  And snacking.  So fun. 

Mommy is at a doctor’s appointment, and Abraham and Elijah are Batman and Robin!

Gretchen and the boys have been in Ohio all week visiting family. I’m sure she’ll have some good pictures when she gets back, but I thought I might post some of the pictures she’s been sending me while she’s been gone:


Napping on the road


Eli and Abe entertaining themselves while visiting their great-grandmother in the hospital


Playing outside


Aunt Gretchen with her nephew Wyatt


And a blast from the past!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus’ resurrection with our church family today!  We started out with a beautiful sunrise service followed by a breakfast at our house.  Then we got ready for church (and I was smart enough to grab a few pictures before the boys were hungry and irritable).  Great worship service after that, and a church cookout for lunch.

Marathon church day; we love it!  🙂

Abraham fell down the stairs today and evidently landed directly on his nose. Sammy saw it and reported that, “he slid on his face, did a somersault, then landed flat on his back.”


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