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A few minutes ago, Eli called to me, “Mommy, look what Abey’s doing!”.  I rushed into the kitchen and found this crazy guy:

Yeah, I made pumpkin muffins and smoothies for breakfast but apparently he was still so hungry that he got the leftover can of pumpkin off the counter and started chowing down!  (He happily gave up the can, btw, and opted for some fresh blueberries and another muffin.)

It’s dangerous how cute he is, I tell you.  Dangerous!!!  He’ll be 2 in 2 weeks and I’m sort of dreading the trouble he’ll find as he gets older.  He’s “rough and tumble”, as a friend recently described him after babysitting.  We love him to pieces!!!

He’s probably thinking, “I run this place”.


I couldn’t resist sharing just a few more pictures of Sammy’s last day.

Sammy, Eli and Abraham love each other so much, and it’s so fun to see them as friends.  They all (even Abraham) like to do a big group hug after family worship each day.  It’s so cute when Abey says “ug!” or Eli, who may have been grumpy, to light up at that point.  I asked them to all hug for a picture this morning, and the cuteness overwhelms me.  🙂 

Eli took a picture of me with Sammy (he wanted Abraham to be included) 

Sammy took a picture of us, also, but Eli and Abraham accidentally knocked me over 

Sammy getting dropped off for the last time (he loves sitting in the front seat) 

Today was Sammy’s last day of preschool!!!  I can’t believe how much he has grown up this year!  He has enjoyed his teacher and class, and I think he will do well in kindergarten next year.  🙂  He’s a natural leader but is kind and likes all the students (according to his teacher).  Makes me proud!  We’re looking forward to summer vacation, and I hope I enjoy each day we have left with Sammy before “real” school next fall.

Sammy at orientation last fall

Today (yeah, I made him wear the same shirt…) 

The boys headed to his first day of school 

…and his last day!  (not to steal the show, but can you believe how different Abraham looks?!? We also got restricted Teddy to bedtime this year!)

Happy summer!!!

I noticed this series of pictures from Gretchen’s recent trip to Ohio and I thought they were worthy of being shared here:


First, Abraham has an apple and Wyatt does not.


Second, Abraham loves his apple. Wyatt notices.


Third, Wyatt makes his move. Abraham attempts to deflect.


Fourth, a struggle ensues.


Fifth, mothers finally notice and intervene. Abraham is indignant, Wyatt is undeterred.


Sixth, mothers reposition. Abraham sounds a victorious yawp, Wyatt plots his revenge.

Can you guess what we did today???

This guy ate more than his fair share as he  was “picking” berries:

Over the past several years, we have made a tradition of going to the kite festival in Salem, and it gets more fun each year (as the kids get older)!  The weather was great–not too hot, not to cold, partly cloudy.  It wasn’t super windy so that made flying kites a little tricky, but it wasn’t too bad.  It ended up raining less than an hour after we got home, so I was glad we went early in the day!

First, the kite festival in years past…

Toddler Eli and Sammy

Big guys Sammy, Eli, and toddler Abey! 

Don’t you just want to eat him up?! 

Eating lunch by the gigantic kites! 

This one’s here every year and we’re always debating what it is…  

Me and E 

Not sure what we’re so sad about, but I thought it was cute 

Coming soon…decorating and flying our own kites!!!  The kids did a great job with them, especially given some wind issues.  🙂

I took a day off from work today and we went to play in the creek a few miles from our house.


Everyone except Mommy did a lot of rock throwing.


And Abraham didn’t hesitate to wade into the deepest water.


Then we decided to make a dam.


Very proud.


Abraham was not as into the dam, still content to throw rocks.


Posting by the finished product.


We thought our fun was over for the day, but on the way home we saw…

Boba Fett and a Storm Trooper! They were out in front of the comic shop down the block from out house. We stopped to say hello and take a picture with them. Abraham said “Boba” about a hundred times, and Sammy observed, “If that had been the real Boba Fett he would have been shooting everyone.”


Sammy and I went on our “Daddy Date” last night. We walked downtown and went to a frozen yogurt place, where he chose strawberry frozen yogurt with marshmallows and sour gummy worms. He thought it was amazing, and when he reported what he had eaten to his younger brother, Eli replied, “I’m going to go there with Daddy and get that when it’s my turn.”

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