What do you do if you’re one on your birthday eve?  Well, if you’re Abraham Evans, you sneak downstairs after you should be in bed and play with Mommy and Daddy!  🙂

He started with a little guitar playing

Then moved on to being silly (to distract us from putting him to bed) 

Snuggled with Mommy for a picture (he loves seeing himself on the camera!) 

Then we ended with a  piggy back ride up to bed 

Hopefully his birthday will be just as fun!  Sammy’s already asking to do Abraham’s “whole party” (cake, presents, etc.) at breakfast instead of dinner.  It may be a long day of waiting for his big brothers.


***I realize our blog is all about Abraham right now, we really need to branch out.  We’re not trying to neglect Sammy and Eli, they’re just off doing their own thing sometimes and not interested in having their pictures taken.  🙂