A few weeks ago we posted this video of Abraham singing a song at the dinner table. We thought the song was cute, but none of us could figure out what he was actually saying. Well, just the other day we stumbled upon the true meaning of “Wo-mo-ee-ei”.

Abraham was sitting on Gretchen’s lap while she was scrolling through Netflix videos, looking for something for the boys to watch. She passed over the old “Transformers” cartoon from the 80’s, and all of the sudden Abraham started pointing and singing, “Wo-mo-ee-ei, wo-mo-ee-ei!” Clearly he was saying something about Transformers, but we still didn’t understand what. Then I remembered the part of the show’s theme song where  they sing, “The Transformers, more than meets the eye!”, and suddenly it hit me. The melody of Abraham’s “Wo-mo-ee-ei” song had pretty much the same tune as the “more than meets the eye” part of the song. That night at the dinner table he was singing, “More than meets the eye, more than meets the eye!”

Here’s the Transformers theme song so you can listen for yourself. The part he’s singing starts at the 11 second mark: