I love that I have cousins on both sides of my family who are about my kids’ ages!  Amy, my cousin on my mom’s side, is a year older than Sammy and the kids always enjoy playing together.  Sammy and Eli often talk about all of their cousins while they’re playing at home.  🙂

*Little explanation about the party…we all dressed like my dad, the electrician.  Aunt Bev made mustaches and tool belts, brought hats, and some people even taped up their fingers (Dad’s alternative to Band-Aids).

Sammy, Eli and Amy eating dinner at Papaw/Uncle Jim’s party


Sammy was in love with Maddy, my dad’s youngest brother Ken’s daughter.  It was our first time meeting her and she is ADORABLE!!!  I wish I could have taken her home with me.  🙂

Sammy, Maddy and Jessica (a beautiful, happy mom!) 


I was excited to hold a baby who wasn’t afraid of me, even in a mustache! (took a little while for Claire and Wyatt to warm up). 


Look how the grandkids gravitated towards Papaw on the couch while we watched a slide show. Click on the pic to enlarge and see how adorable Claire is (Heidi’s youngest, in the pink shirt)!! 


Some more pictures from Young’s Dairy.  Wyatt is a super cute crier!  Poor guy.


Sammy, Eli and Abe (the wild child) driving a tractor 

I’ve got a few more from that outing, so check back later!