Sammy, Eli and Abraham spent a week at my parents house after our visit last month.  They had a great time with my family, but were happy to be home when the visit was over.  Having them come home was very sweet…the most excited to be with Mommy and Daddy that I’ve ever seen.  Abraham sat on my lap with a big grin for a long while that night.  (I loved that, of course!)

Anyway, on their first morning back to “normal”, they were all so happy to be home, in their own beds, with their stuffed animals and toys.  I got a couple of cute pictures of them extra excited about our (super exciting) house.  🙂

Sammy as “Duke” (someone from G.I. Joe’s)

Abraham enjoying a snuggly blanket 

Tough Sammy and Abraham (who is wearing Sammy’s underwear over a diaper) 

Everything gets much softer when Eli joins them (with a “cute bug”) 

Abraham got tired, though, so he laid down on the floor for some “yeeping” (sleeping) Eli and his bug joined him with snuggles 

It’s good to be home!