We’re still working on the shed over here at the Evanses.  And by “we”, I mostly mean my dad and Mr. Gruver, a good friend’s dad.  They have been amazing all week and we greatly appreciate their service. (The shed looks so good that we’ve had multiple offers for renters as people walk down our alley!)

The boys love “helping” them and so far that has included: spying, digging a hole that was turned into a booby trap, watching, climbing ladders, and nailing.  They’re really enjoying it!

Unfortunately, as I’ve been herding them around our construction site/alley with traffic, I dropped our camera and it’s broken.  I have some more recent pics that we’ve taken with my dad’s camera so I’ll share some as soon as I get Charlie to upload them.

In the meantime, I have plenty of good material to share from Monday!

My awesome sister Brittany loving the activity and nephew time

Brittany’s adorable Wyatt being protected from a loud saw

My awesome mom protecting the other adorable toddler from said saw 

Abraham got over the noise and got all manly with the tools 

Back to the beautiful work… 

Jeff, my dad and Mr. Gruver (the 3 brains behind our operation!) 


Jeff and Charlie, who isn’t as experienced but is a tireless worker and learning lots…I’m really proud of him!



And here’s a teaser for our next post, The Gravel Pile…