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The boys discovered today that they could spray each other (and themselves) with the water fountains at the park:

Tonight I returned home from a five day trip to Washington D.C. for a pastors conference. I was welcomed home in traditional Evans style: with a cake and a wrestling match. Our camera is broken, so Gretchen captured all the fun with the camera on my phone. The pictures are terrible but they capture the evening well.

Here we are with the cake Gretchen made (which was wonderful)


Super-Abe flexing before the match


The battle begins


Things get crazy pretty quick


Super-Abe seeks refuge with Mom


It’s great to be back!

Gretchen’s Dad went home last week (after a record breaking 20 days in our guest room!), and he left behind a beautiful shed and a whole lot of pictures. Below are a few I found particularly good.

Sammy is always eager to help, and the expression on his face here captures perfectly his no-nonsense attitude to wheel barrow pushing. Also notice that there is a transformers soccer ball in the wheel barrow.



Abraham helped a lot as well, especially when it came to 2-year-old friendly tools like sledge hammers and nail guns.




He also took his work very seriously.



And here as well. Always a stickler for using tools properly, just like Papaw.



He also helped with some painting.



And was adorably confused when the paint stuck to his fingers.




Eli was the first to notice that Mr. Freeland’s hammer was actually THE HAMMER OF THOR!



And Papaw put Eli and Abraham on top of the hall closet while he was working in the ceiling. Papaw insisted they were “having fun”, but that looks more like “sheer terror” on their faces to me. You be the judge.

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