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We carved pumpkins last night, and the boys enjoyed it more than in the past (I think it’s been 2 years since we did it).  Sammy was still grossed out by the insides of a pumpkin but Abraham was even brave enough to clean out his pumpkin on his own!

Planning our faces 


Drawing the faces 


Sammy with his “pumpkin hat” 

Abey the Brave with “pumpkin brains” (thanks, Charlie, for that!)  

Abraham’s pumpkin hat 

A scary pumpkin and two Mater pumpkins 


One of many failed attempts at a decent group picture

Then we tried asking, “who wants chocolate?” to get them to look up and smile.  Fail. 

Fun fall activity!  Happy Halloween!



Charlie caught some candid pictures of Abraham and me this morning.  We usually are at a bible study, but I’ve got a cold today.  It was really nice just sitting in the yard with Abey; life’s gotten pretty busy with preschool and kindergarten.

Reading in the sun (still working on the shed…will be yellow and blue when we’re done)


Close up, what a cute guy 

Cute, but I really like this because the zoom is so great!  


There were a few more cute pictures of Sammy, Eli and Abraham with their pumpkins a few weeks ago.

This picture makes me smile.  Sammy was a little sick and is getting worn out by this point.


Is now a bad time to mention that we’ve cut this angel’s hair? 

Proud of his pumpkin! 




Eli’s name rubbed off so he wanted to write it again.  How cute is this? 

Up close 

The finished product  

Hope you are enjoying your fall!

*Oh, and I wasn’t joking about cutting Abraham’s hair.  It’s shorter than I intended but still cute and short curls.  He looks totally different, I’ll have to take some pictures soon.



Eli had his first morning without dread of school this week!  We have been praying for him to be brave at school so we were really thankful for this!  Although he says he’s excited about the cool toys they have at school, he also seems to enjoy the activities and loves his teacher.  He doesn’t play much at recess yet because he’s “not used to so many kids on the playground”, but talks about all the kids in his class (8 boys and 2 girls).  We’re all celebrating with him!

Brought Corny the dog for “D” show-and-tell.  Sammy, as always, excited about school.

Not a great picture, but so happy to have all 3 boys smiling!


I came into the kitchen yesterday and was surprised to see a bite taken out of a red pepper that was on the counter.  At first I thought mice! but then remembered seeing the same sort of bite out of a tomato a few weeks ago.  I laughed and yelled, “Abraham!” then immediately got out the camera.  Priorities.

The pepper 

The toddler who loves sweet peppers 

I gave the veggie back to him to see if he wanted more.  He did.  

Got a big bite that time 


hilarious pic of him chewing 

“I love this pepper!” 

Gone a little cross-eyed checking things out 

“Thanks, Mommy!!” 





The boys and I went down to the market Saturday morning for some apples, and found a booth with pumpkin decorating!  They were very excited and had fun drawing on their pumpkin.  Unfortunately, most of the marker rubbed off a few hours later, but the pumpkins are still proudly displayed on the mantle!  I’ll post more pics later, but I wanted to throw one up for the grandparents.  🙂


Now we’re off to pick up Eli from preschool!  Today was the first day that he’s been excited about going.  We were so thankful when he said that!!!

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