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We had a great time at VA Beach last week!  Here are just a few pictures of us in the standard self-portrait pose:

Windy morning 

Who are these crazies?  

A little too windy for me…

…that’s better  

 Nice lighting at sunset 🙂 


Our shadows

Gretchen and I are at Virginia Beach this week. We’re having a great time together, although the weather isn’t adding much to the experience. It’s very cold and very windy.


Thankfully we have a lot more to enjoy than just the sun and the ocean. We’ve been taking long walks and long naps and having long conversations, and reading Tim and Kathy Keller’s new book, The Meaning of Marriage, which is turning out to be the best book on marriage I think I’ve ever read. All things considered, a wonderful vacation so far.

Super hero One and Two along with a chilly electrician! 

I told them they’d be warmer if they hugged 🙂 

And they’re off!  The super heros to oversee the fire in the grill and the electrician to get a jacket! 

We had a great Halloween with a church cookout, a little trick-or-treating, and handing out candy!  It’s normally a good night to meet neighbors, but this year was too chilly to sit outside and chat.  Abe Lincoln braved the elements to come over from 2 houses down and hung out for a little while.  🙂  Some people from church (kids and adults) came in costume this year!  We had Frodo, some girls from Lord of the Rings (sorry, I don’t know who), Queen Esther, Puss in Boots, a princess and queen, some wild cats and a couple from Franklin County.  🙂  It was a great night of fun and fellowship!

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