Super hero One and Two along with a chilly electrician! 

I told them they’d be warmer if they hugged 🙂 

And they’re off!  The super heros to oversee the fire in the grill and the electrician to get a jacket! 

We had a great Halloween with a church cookout, a little trick-or-treating, and handing out candy!  It’s normally a good night to meet neighbors, but this year was too chilly to sit outside and chat.  Abe Lincoln braved the elements to come over from 2 houses down and hung out for a little while.  🙂  Some people from church (kids and adults) came in costume this year!  We had Frodo, some girls from Lord of the Rings (sorry, I don’t know who), Queen Esther, Puss in Boots, a princess and queen, some wild cats and a couple from Franklin County.  🙂  It was a great night of fun and fellowship!