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Eli sang in his Christmas program this week and we were so proud of him!  If you know our second child at all, you know he doesn’t like crowds and would be perfectly content staying at home with our family every day.  He did a great job, even participated in all the songs/hand motions, and looked very cute.  I asked him on the way home if he liked it because he hadn’t complained once about anything and he gave a quick “no”.  Even more reason to be proud; doing something he didn’t like without complaining.  🙂

He was very serious IMG_1208

Group shot, notice all the parents video taping! IMG_1217

Abraham watching intently  IMG_1201

Isn’t he cute IMG_1219


Abraham got a little bored and wanted to make faces for photosIMG_1224


A little smile afterwards! IMG_1233 

We went to our first Christmas tree farm this year and cut our own tree down rather than picking it out from Lowes!  It was a pretty day and the boys really enjoyed the adventure.  The tree that we ended up choosing is beautiful and actually made our house smell like pine!  It was great….until it fell over a week later.  But that’s a story for another post.

Nestled in between the trees!IMG_1125

Holding the tree while Charlie cut it…not sure he’ll be able to hold it.IMG_1129

Eli balancing on the stump IMG_1133

The boys counting the rings to see how old our tree isIMG_1135

They needed a little help.  🙂IMG_1137

Family photo with our tree! IMG_1140

The first of many attempts to get a good kid shot.  Sammy’s really got the fake smile going on!IMG_1142

Abraham being choked by Eli, all for the sake of a good picture.  That’s my guy!  🙂IMG_1151

Eli and Abraham are definitely early risers and they sometimes get up before they’re really ready to wake up.  This morning they had some crazy hair and were in fussy moods.  So what do I do?  Ask Charlie to get the camera and take a few pictures, of course.

Just take a look at these grumps!IMG_1168


Oozing over the couch, trying to get on my lap IMG_1171

Abraham is put out by the placement of Eli’s kneesIMG_1174

Finally, a smile.  Albeit a  strange one.IMG_1179

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