We went to our first Christmas tree farm this year and cut our own tree down rather than picking it out from Lowes!  It was a pretty day and the boys really enjoyed the adventure.  The tree that we ended up choosing is beautiful and actually made our house smell like pine!  It was great….until it fell over a week later.  But that’s a story for another post.

Nestled in between the trees!IMG_1125

Holding the tree while Charlie cut it…not sure he’ll be able to hold it.IMG_1129

Eli balancing on the stump IMG_1133

The boys counting the rings to see how old our tree isIMG_1135

They needed a little help.  🙂IMG_1137

Family photo with our tree! IMG_1140

The first of many attempts to get a good kid shot.  Sammy’s really got the fake smile going on!IMG_1142

Abraham being choked by Eli, all for the sake of a good picture.  That’s my guy!  🙂IMG_1151