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As I write a post about sledding this past Saturday, it is 65 degrees outside and will drop down to 28 for the high in two days.  It’s a strange week here in Virginia.  We had our first big snow two weeks ago!  Now that we have a kindergartener, snow days seem much more exciting!  They got out early on Thursday and had a snow day Friday.  It was very fun playing in the snow but we had forgotten to buy sleds!  Sammy, Eli and Abraham entertained themselves anyway and had a great time playing outside in the snow all morning Friday.  Wouldn’t you know, snow day again the next Friday!!!  (The snow started late morning so we didn’t get out to play in it till Saturday.)  …Still forgot to buy sleds!  We made a family trip to Target Saturday morning, got two sleds, and hit the park!  It was very fun, even though Abraham was a little fussy about having to share “his” sled.

Having fun (note the giant snowball that Eli is pushing around in his sled…it’s a gift for Abraham.  He wasn’t impressed.)IMG_1423


Eli dragging the snowball around and loving lifeIMG_1411

Abraham playing, but still sort of poutingIMG_1418

Sammy, for the first time, loved sledding!IMG_1419

Lots of fun with our boys!IMG_1429

Family picture with the iPhone 🙂IMG_1433

This one’s a lower quality but everyone looked happy that I wanted to share it anywayIMG_1435


Thankful for the snow and the fun Saturday morning!!

We gave the boys their bi-annual haircuts this week:




Sammy Before


Sammy After




Eli Before


Eli After





Abraham Before


Abraham After


We continued celebrating Christmas with Nana right before we headed to Ohio on Dec. 23rd.  We always have a nice Christmas dinner at Charlie’s mom’s and the boys enjoy her chocolate money decorating her table!

Our traditional Christmas picture with Nana IMG_1275Sammy, being a stinker for a pic with Nana.IMG_1276Abraham getting his stocking…IMG_1278Digging in!IMG_1282  Hanging out at the table after dinner.IMG_1289Lisa, thanks for celebrating Christmas with us!  We love you and living near you!

We started our celebrations the week before Christmas with a visit from Charlie’s dad, Jim, and his wife, Karen.  They visited with us for a few days and the boys got lots of snuggles, books read to them, YouTube polka videos and other fun stuff that Granddads do.  🙂

Unfortunately, I only thought to grab a few pics as they were leaving.

The guys with Granddad.  Can you guess what Eli got for Christmas?  IMG_1238Another cute one.IMG_1240Sammy hugging Granny good-bye.  (Sorry, Karen, that this is the only one with you in it!)  I thought it was sweet, though.IMG_1244Thank you for coming to visit!  We love you guys!!!

I’ll post more pictures of all our Christmas celebrations soon but I wanted to share just a few of my favorites that I saw from Ohio.

The angels Abraham, Sophie, and Sammy ready for our Richied Christmas program (Eli did not participate in the show)IMG_1316The angels appearing to the shepherds, but my favorite part of this picture is my cousin Brianna perched on a chair in the background, videotapingIMG_1373Just look at this adorable baby!!!!  Claire, my sister Heidi’s youngest.IMG_1384Celebrating Grandma Ava’s 92nd birthday with my mom and Jessica!IMG_1419

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