We’re still alive here, sorry for the quiet month!  Most of you probably already know that I’m pregnant, and I’ve been sick for too long (which led to my lack of motivation in blogging).  I’m almost 17 weeks (Saturday) so we find out what we’re having in about 3 1/2 weeks!  Probably no secret that we’re all hoping for a girl, although Charlie admitted he’d be secretly excited for another boy since he knows boys so well.  No, really we’ll all be very thankful for a boy or girl to round out our Evans clan.

Here are a few random pics of our month (mostly taken from Charlie’s iPhone, so I apologize for the lower quality):

We’ve gotten into watercolor painting this month.  Charlie has a lot of new pictures decorating his office!IMG_1472

Eli has enjoyed wearing these glasses for hours on end.  Here he is in disguise with a banana laser:IMG_1534

Firefighter Abey going potty!  He’s decided he is ready for potty training and doing great!IMG_1544

I was waaay over due for a haircut–6 months!–but was trying to hold out till I stopped getting sick.  Who knows if that’ll ever end (ha ha) so I decided to go for it anyway.  It was so nice to get it done!IMG_1549

Eli’s been working on his chocolate milk mustache and Abraham’s been running around causing chaos.  There’s also often been laundry piled on the chair in the hallway (behind Eli) this month!IMG_1553


Thanks for walking through February (or the parts we photographed) with us!  Hopefully we’ll be on here more regularly in March!!