Life around our house lately has been busy with school, church, and family.  It’s been a good spring but I’m looking forward to our first summer break when Sammy finishes kindergarten next Thursday!!!

A little of what we’ve been up to lately:

Abraham loves the park right now, and he also likes being Optimus Prime (who is very serious)IMG_0009

Eli and Charlie walk on Friday afternoons to pick Sammy up from school, then the three walk home together.  Eli looks forward to this time all week.  🙂IMG_1645

The boys have gotten pretty good at Super Mario this spring and recently bought 2 more controllers with their allowance so they can all four play together.  Fulfilling a dream Charlie’s.  IMG_1649

My grandma passed away this month so we went to Ohio for several days to be with family.  It was a sad time but we really enjoyed seeing our cousins!  Sammy with Baby Reid (my sister Heidi’s baby).IMG_1666

Charlie with sleeping Adelle (Brittany’s baby).  We loved all the baby time and can’t wait till we have our own baby girl in August!!!IMG_1671

The big cousins, minus Wyatt.  (Sophie, Sammy, Claire, Eli and Abraham)IMG_1673 *As you can tell, our time together with my family is pretty consumed with kids right now.  We don’t have a picture of the adults but we were there and I really enjoyed seeing my sisters, brothers-in-law and parents!