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A few Saturdays ago we had a family morning at Fishburn Park.  We had a great time hiking but mostly playing in the creek (of course).  The guys threw rocks for a long time, started building a dam and splashed around doing lots of “boy” things.  I sat on the grass and watched it all, very happy to have Charlie there to get all wet with the boys.

Aren’t they cute?IMG_0262

Skipping rocksIMG_0265

Batman ready to fight.  Notice the adorable curls.IMG_0298

Playing some moreIMG_0306

One more shot of the precious curlsIMG_0359

Haircuts that night.  All went according to plan except for the final cut…IMG_0385

We forgot to switch the setting for Abraham and the curls are gone!!!  (for now.  They’ll be back.)IMG_0389


As you can see by the mud, he’s still as ornery as ever!  The short hair has grown on me, too.

Abraham had a birthday June 11th (a while ago!) so we had a ninja party for him.  He likes Lego Ninjago a lot, so everyone dressed in their favorite character’s color.  Abraham was Jay, the blue ninja, Sammy was Zane, the white ninja, and Eli was Kai, the red ninja.  Charlie and I (mainly Charlie) made weapons from pool noodles and an evening of battling followed!

The Ninjas.  Uncle Greg is a bad guy and Charlie is Sensei Wu, their master.  Charlie’s brother Peter was in town and is another ninja.IMG_1775

Very serious about their rolesIMG_1779

Abraham loved his nun chucksIMG_1784

Crazy eyes on the good senseiIMG_1789

Taking a break for some pizzaIMG_1799

Back to fighting!!!IMG_1812

Charlie’s crazy eyes againIMG_1823

Both of our moms were here (sorry it’s the only picture!)IMG_1830

Abraham had a Jay birthday cakeIMG_1832

I can’t believe my baby’s 3!IMG_1824


Our goal was the make the night all about Abraham since he sometimes gets lost as the littlest guy.  He had a blast and is still talking about his party a month and a half later!  We love Abey very much.  He is a joy to have in our family and will be a sweet big brother soon!!!




We have been having a good time this summer, although it feels like June flew by!  Since I’m very pregnant (and it’s rained a ton), we haven’t been outside as much as we normally are.  We’ve had mornings at the park, though, so that’s fun, but we’ve also done creative things indoors.  We swim at the YMCA, visit friends, play with Legos, read (a lot) and Sammy and Eli just finished a weekly story/craft time at a library.  When we had some flooding last week, we went out with Charlie to check things out/play in water.

Here’s a cute picture of the boys at a local park: IMG_0191

I’m not sure exactly how this came about, but Sammy built a Lego ZZ Top concert.IMG_0198

We’ve gone downtown some and checked out the new Center in the Square IMG_0420

 Abraham played the piano with a good friend. IMG_0433 

Charlie reading to the boys.IMG_0439

 And a hint at the next blog entry, Abraham’s ninja birthday party! IMG_1804

All of our boys like Legos, but in different ways. Abraham like having the lego guys fight each other, and Sammy like creating elaborate scenarios and acting out stories. Eli however, like building. His patience and attention to detail make him especially good at following instructions and putting together complicated models, and he’s often the one left at the table building and re-building spaceships and castles long after his brothers have moved on to other things. Here’s a video of him building a spaceship:

This is a little late, but I wanted to put up a picture of Eli at his end-of-year program in May.  We are so proud of Eli and how well he did this past year!  He had a hard time going to school and being on his own without Sammy.  (He said he was lonely a lot!)  He didn’t like school for most of the year but was very brave about it and didn’t complain on school days (2 days a week).  He’d get quiet in the car as we got closer and, if I asked, said he didn’t want to go.  But he went and God was good to help him begin to enjoy it in the spring!  The first step was playing at a center with other kids, but not talking to them.  The last month or so of school, he liked it and started playing on the playground and talking in class!  It was hard as a mom to watch him to difficult things, but he made it!

We’re so thankful for our son and how God has made him.  We’re praying kindergarten goes smoothly and isn’t quite as hard as we (I) were afraid it’d be.  Eli says he’s excited about kindergarten so we’re really thankful for that!

Eli actually sang the songs, did the motions and smiled!  Very different from the Christmas concert.IMG_0366

Abraham and Eli looking cute IMG_0371

We went to the Greensboro Science Center last Monday with some friends.  The kids really enjoyed being able to go back and forth between the indoor science center and zoo outdoors.  The adults really enjoyed taking a break from the heat in the a/c.  🙂

They had a nice children’s area, which the kids loved!  Unfortunately, that’s the only place I thought to take any pictures, and I forgot my camera so these are just phone pics.  I think they’re still cute and blog-worthy.

Abraham playing at a table with toys that are actually age appropriate.  Poor 3rd child.IMG_0457

Flying the airplane! Sammy is Indiana Jones. IMG_0464

The super dads! IMG_0471

A little wrestling with the animals IMG_0472

And here’s where they spent a lot of time!  Eli and Charlie especially liked directing the water and building dams.IMG_0478

Eli can be very focused when working on a project.IMG_0486

Sammy took a break to go for an airplane ride.IMG_0496

Abraham liked collecting and stacking the boats.IMG_0501

Their masterpiece! IMG_0507


It was a fun day and we’re thankful to be able to enjoy the day with friends, including the dads!

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