We went to the Greensboro Science Center last Monday with some friends.  The kids really enjoyed being able to go back and forth between the indoor science center and zoo outdoors.  The adults really enjoyed taking a break from the heat in the a/c.  🙂

They had a nice children’s area, which the kids loved!  Unfortunately, that’s the only place I thought to take any pictures, and I forgot my camera so these are just phone pics.  I think they’re still cute and blog-worthy.

Abraham playing at a table with toys that are actually age appropriate.  Poor 3rd child.IMG_0457

Flying the airplane! Sammy is Indiana Jones. IMG_0464

The super dads! IMG_0471

A little wrestling with the animals IMG_0472

And here’s where they spent a lot of time!  Eli and Charlie especially liked directing the water and building dams.IMG_0478

Eli can be very focused when working on a project.IMG_0486

Sammy took a break to go for an airplane ride.IMG_0496

Abraham liked collecting and stacking the boats.IMG_0501

Their masterpiece! IMG_0507


It was a fun day and we’re thankful to be able to enjoy the day with friends, including the dads!