Abraham had a birthday June 11th (a while ago!) so we had a ninja party for him.  He likes Lego Ninjago a lot, so everyone dressed in their favorite character’s color.  Abraham was Jay, the blue ninja, Sammy was Zane, the white ninja, and Eli was Kai, the red ninja.  Charlie and I (mainly Charlie) made weapons from pool noodles and an evening of battling followed!

The Ninjas.  Uncle Greg is a bad guy and Charlie is Sensei Wu, their master.  Charlie’s brother Peter was in town and is another ninja.IMG_1775

Very serious about their rolesIMG_1779

Abraham loved his nun chucksIMG_1784

Crazy eyes on the good senseiIMG_1789

Taking a break for some pizzaIMG_1799

Back to fighting!!!IMG_1812

Charlie’s crazy eyes againIMG_1823

Both of our moms were here (sorry it’s the only picture!)IMG_1830

Abraham had a Jay birthday cakeIMG_1832

I can’t believe my baby’s 3!IMG_1824


Our goal was the make the night all about Abraham since he sometimes gets lost as the littlest guy.  He had a blast and is still talking about his party a month and a half later!  We love Abey very much.  He is a joy to have in our family and will be a sweet big brother soon!!!