A few Saturdays ago we had a family morning at Fishburn Park.  We had a great time hiking but mostly playing in the creek (of course).  The guys threw rocks for a long time, started building a dam and splashed around doing lots of “boy” things.  I sat on the grass and watched it all, very happy to have Charlie there to get all wet with the boys.

Aren’t they cute?IMG_0262

Skipping rocksIMG_0265

Batman ready to fight.  Notice the adorable curls.IMG_0298

Playing some moreIMG_0306

One more shot of the precious curlsIMG_0359

Haircuts that night.  All went according to plan except for the final cut…IMG_0385

We forgot to switch the setting for Abraham and the curls are gone!!!  (for now.  They’ll be back.)IMG_0389


As you can see by the mud, he’s still as ornery as ever!  The short hair has grown on me, too.