Life’s pretty busy with four kids (big surprise!), even though 2 of them are in school till 2:30.  I’ve taken a lot of pictures of Felicity on my phone but they never made it to the computer.  Until Charlie did it for me.  🙂  I thought I’d share some fun and hilarious pictures of our baby girl.  She’s still in that newborn stage where she sometimes looks strange, so I need to post those pictures now while she doesn’t get upset with me.  Ha ha.

Felicity in her room after some playtime with her brothers.  Note the rattles attached to her ankles.IMG_0649

Post bath time reading the night before school started.  I saw this pic and realized, I have a lot of kids!IMG_0699

Strange grunting face (pooping probably)IMG_0715

I love huge baby yawns! IMG_0723

Stretching!  Look at her little legs still folded up.  🙂  (big kids often ask why her legs are like that)IMG_0739

Tiny sleeping smile IMG_0748

Eli likes to watch Felicity sleep in the mornings.  This morning he came down and told me he had rocked her, then put Teddy (his beloved) on her for her blanket.  He also gave her her blankie and put her paci on top.  How cute!IMG_0756

I don’t think she was amused by her big bow for church Sunday.  🙂IMG_0802


That’s all for now!  I’ll try to post some cuter pictures next time!