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Sammy, Eli and Abraham love Felicity, and they love being with her.  This morning Sammy woke up a few minutes early but wasn’t sure what to do with his time.  Then he said, “I know!  I want to look at Felicity!”.  How cute is that?  There have been times when each of them are having a difficult time but a few minutes snuggling with their baby sister changes their attitudes completely.  (Especially Eli.)  It’s so sweet to see how God uses a tiny baby who can’t do anything to comfort people.

The pictures are about 2 weeks old at least, but I still wanted to share them.

Felicity is 3 weeks old here and looks so tiny!IMG_0838

Eli’s so happy to be with her!IMG_0840

One more of Eli and Felicity IMG_0886

Abe doing a little early morning reading with his baby sisterIMG_0873

Cheese! IMG_0877

Sammy’s the best biggest brotherIMG_0896

Abraham always looks like a giant baby next to Felicity.  I love that he still looks young even though he’s a big 3 year old!IMG_0902

I was up early Saturday morning with the kids so we decided to play at the park for a little while.  It was more difficult getting out the door that morning than I expected but once we got there, Sammy, Eli and Abraham had a great time together.

Here they are as Han Solo (Abey), Luke Skywalker (Sammy) and Chewbacca (Eli):IMG_0923

…And againIMG_0924

An attempt at a group pic with me, Felicity, Sammy and Eli IMG_0930

Abraham tried to get in the picture with us.  He’s next to Eli.  Can’t you tell?IMG_0931

Me and my baby girl IMG_0928

Cute, chubby Felicity bundled up in a blanketIMG_0922

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