I started this post a few weeks ago but we ran into some computer trouble and couldn’t finish it.  Then I forgot about it.  Oops!  Better late than never.

We are so excited for the fall weather and, along with that, footie pajamas!!!  All the kids got on fleece sleepers after baths/showers tonight and they looked super snuggly!  Abraham thought the feet part of the sleeper were weird, but a good weird…he did a dance on our bed in his excitement.  He said, “I look like Felitity!” (his pronunciation of “felicity”)  Sammy and Eli were really excited to have matching pj’s and Felicity didn’t really seem to notice anything.  🙂

Our adorable kidsIMG_2016

Abraham looking hilarious IMG_2018

Snuggles and kisses IMG_2021

It’s so fun to see them laughing together!  (except Felicity…) IMG_2025