Earlier in October (the 12th to be exact), we had two weddings to attend.  Charlie officiated one for a couple at our church here in VA, and my good friend from college, Melissa Casey (now Aguirre), was getting married in Tennessee.  Our solution was for Charlie to keep the boys while the girls went to Melissa’s wedding.  My friend Mary came along with us on the road trip!  We stayed with friends from college and had a great time catching up.  The wedding was really beautiful and very emotional rejoicing with Melissa and Carlos.

I am very thankful for all the people who helped make it possible for me to be at Melissa and Carlos’ big day.  I felt very blessed and had a lot of fun!  (Charlie, Mary, April and Matt, Greg, the Freelands, and many more people from church who watched our kids during the wedding/church Sunday!)

Charlie texted this picture to me Saturday afternoon: IMG_0120

I’ll admit this one made me homesick. IMG_0124

The location of the wedding and reception was amazing! IMG_0126

Felicity partied hard at her first wedding!  (and one day she’ll be a bride!  sniff)IMG_1091

Mary and Lissy IMG_1095


Melissa was beautiful! IMG_1111